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Switzerland Eye Research Institute
Switzerland Eye Research Institute


许多居住在提契诺州和米兰的中国患者已在卢加诺Paradiso的瑞士眼科研究机构 (Switzerland Eye Research Institute) 接受专业治疗,并将他们成功且快速无痛治疗的经验,及重获理想视力的喜悦消息传达给居住在中国的朋友们。 

我们一位瑞士病患接受了本诊所创始人兼研究总监Roberto Pinelli医学博士执行手术消除了老花眼,这位病患因工作和兴趣足迹踏遍世界各地,他向一些北京朋友介绍了我们的诊所。卢加诺旅游结合眼科咨询治疗行程配套,病患接受全程激光且完全无痛的不动刀非外科手术,代表病患可以在不需绷带包扎或眼部保护的条件下,于接受治疗的隔天就能够再度搭乘飞机。这一解决方案吸引了众多的患者,其中包括数位全世界出名的电影摄制艺术人士。

因此我们准备了关于各种治疗程序的介绍手册,同时结合了在卢加诺短时间停留的需求。我们的视力缺陷矫正研究机构位于卢加诺的现代建筑Palazzo Mantegazza内,透明设计建筑的本身诠释了清晰视野概念,正反映了我们日复一日对视觉医疗的工作使命。

瑞士眼科研究机构(Switzerland Eye Research Institute)在卢加诺有许多合作旅馆,不仅居住环境美轮美奂,并且靠近精品名牌购物街,更有纯净自然的湖滨风光等待您的造访。我们期待为提供您一个美好难忘的改善视力瑞士旅游经验。


We are honoured to have among our patients many who come from China.

Many Chinese patients living in Ticino and Milan have come to the Switzerland Eye Research Institute in Lugano Paradiso and have expressed the joy of renewed vision after a swift, painless and effective operation to their contacts in the East.   

One Swiss patient was operated on for presbyopia by our founder and scientific director, Dr Roberto Pinelli. He travels extensively for both pleasure and work, and he mentioned us to some friends in Beijing. The option of taking a trip to Lugano and combining it with an eye consultation followed by a non-surgical operation that uses only light and involves no pain or blades, allowing the return journey to be undertaken the following day without bandages or any kind of eye protection, is proving attractive to many patients, some of whom are renowned worldwide as actors in the film industry.

With this in mind, we have decided to produce some brochures relating to procedures and treatments that may be undertaken with a very brief visit to Lugano, the home our eyesight and visual correction research centre. We are located in Palazzo Mantegazza, a magnificent transparent building with see-through glass walls which, like our clinic, conveys the sense of crystal-clear vision which is central to our mission.  

Thanks to exceptionally high-quality hotels partnered with the Switzerland Eye Research Institute, the boutiques on Via Nassa and a beautiful natural setting with its magnificent lake, Lugano offers an unforgettable experience that will improve the quality of both your eyesight and your life.

See you soon!

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