Phakic intraocular lens


A special lens
A phakic IOL is an intraocular lens implanted in the eye without removing the crystalline lens. In fact, it is added to the existing natural lens that governs focusing.

The term ‘phakic’ refers to an eye that retains its natural lens, and IOL stands forIntra Ocular Lens. With phakic IOLs it is possible to definitively correct visual defects such as myopia and hyperopia, even when acute. Unlike other procedures, this technique leaves the cornea practically intact and may be reversed if necessary.

An extremely advantageous solution
The procedure involves inserting a permanent contact lens into the eye and has many benefits for the patient in terms of comfort, including enhanced visual acuity compared to before the operation. The intraocular lens is as effective as corrective eyewear in terms of addressing visual defects, if not more so, but without the inconvenience. Moreover, phakic IOLs may also be removed or replaced if necessary.

Who is it for?
Phakic IOLs are suitable for patients who for various reasons do not qualify for other types of surgery.

Phakic IOLs may also be a suitable alternative where surface techniques with excimer laser would result in the removal of an excessive layer of corneal tissue. This procedure can be offered also in case of extremely acute myopia or hyperopia, also associated with astigmatism.

A detailed pre-op examination is required to assess a patient’s suitability for the procedure and the nature of their visual defect. The specialist will also be able to assess the eye’s fitness to receive the implant, as well as rule out any pathologies that would conflict with the procedure. The patient will be given all the necessary information to make an informed decision and clear up any doubts or fears.

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