Taking care of the patient

At the Switzerland Eye Research Institute, the staff share an institutional culture whereby all of the patient’s needs and requirements are fully catered for. It is our priority to offer clear and accurate information and advice – this not only applies to our patients, but also those who phone or get in touch via the contact form to learn about what we do and what services and procedures we offer.

The Patient Consultancy Service coordinates all those who work on our front-desk who come into telephone contact with a wide variety of people and is responsible for following the patient in an attentive and personalized manner right from the very first time they call.

The relationship established with the Patient Care Person allows the patient to have a single and constant point of contact who is familiar with their clinical situation, the procedures they have undergone at our institute, and the check-ups they have scheduled.

The Patient Care Person schedules the clinic appointments calendar to book consultations to assess patient suitability for procedures involving light, disease assessment consultations, children’s examinations, and appointments with our Visual Trainer or with other specialists.

The Patient Care Person also organizes the scheduling of operating room procedures and photon-based eye surface procedures.

The Patient Care Person – patient relationship is characterized by openness, frankness and cordiality, and is someone in whom the patient is willing to place his or her trust.

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