Oculoplastic surgery

[What is oculoplastic surgery?
Oculoplastic surgery is plastic surgery of the eyelids and the periocular region. It can be used to correct drooping eyelids (ptosis of the eyelids), in which case is referred to as blepharoplasty (Greek blepharon – eyelid). Eyelid surgery is becoming increasingly popular among SERI Lugano patients, especially after they have undergone bilateral refractive surgery for the elimination of one or more visual defects. This is because refractive surgery has a rejuvenating effect, especially for patients with age-related problems, such as presbyopia. After they incredibly managed to turn the clock back 10 years, they wish to further emphasize their enhanced visual acuity.

Upper or lower eyelid surgery for the removal of blepharoptosis (drooping eyelid) or to restore or reshape the contour of the eyelid is a safe technique in expert hands, with a postoperative period of only a few days, after which the patient can go back to his o her daily routine.

Other oculoplastic procedures 
At SERI Switzerland Eye Research Institute oculoplastic surgeons use painless, minimally invasive techniques for the removal of chalazia, hygromasand benign neoplasms in the ocular region. Operations are fast and performed in an outpatient setting.

Oculoplastic surgery at our Institute is carried out by Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmic surgeons members of the Federation of Swiss Physicians (FMH), such as Dr Roberto Pinelli, SERI founder and scientific director, and Dr Luigi Lodigiani.

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